The past 10 years can be regarded as a very successful period at the Ophthalmology Clinic in Debrecen.

The Ophthalmology Clinic preserved its leading position in Hungary within the 4 major ophthalmologic surgical fields (cornea transplantation, surgeries against myopia, plastic and reconstructive ophtalmological surgeries, surgical and irradiation treatment of intraocular tumors) and developed it in many aspects.

Newly acquired and countrywide honored profiles are the LASER and VEGF-inhibition Intravitreal Injection therapy, pediatric ophthalmology, complex treatment of dry eye syndrome, retinal infarcts, diabetic retinopathy, endocrine ophthalmopathy and the diode-LASER-therapy that is useful on various fields of ophthalmology. We abandoned the traditional extracapsular cataract surgery and made a transition to phacoemulsification, introduced ocular surgeries in eyedrop anaesthesia, multipled the number of vitrectomies by five using mostly 23g technique.